Now that you understand our experience and reputation as Holland’s go-to plumbing company, let’s dive into our service specifics. We can handle the most challenging plumbing problems, but focus on five key areas, services we dominate because we take the extra time to do it properly. Click below to review our strategies for the following Holland plumbing needs:

Building a new home or adding a new space to an existing home is a huge investment – both emotionally and financially. With our combined 45 years of plumbing experience and affordable prices, we put your mind at ease so you can dream. Dream big. Create that space you saw on HGTV, but never thought was possible. It is.

Furthermore, any fixtures we supply are covered under our generous one-year warranty*. Another perceived risk avoided. If you build it, we, CL Plumbing, will come.

Contact us today for a free new construction estimate.

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When a toilet is plugged in your home, it’s a mess. You can almost feel the tension in the air. Thankfully, when you call our experienced, state-certified plumbers, they resolve the issue immediately, without a mess. Big sigh of relief. Goodbye, tension. CL Plumbing of Holland also provides prompt service for sinks, showers, bathtubs and water heaters.

Maybe your toilet or sink hasn’t reached a breaking point. Good for you. High five. If you don’t proactively address the issue, though, a leaking toilet or sink could cost you more money on your water bill than the actual repair. Let our Holland plumbers repair your toilet or replace it with a water-conserving model of your choice.

Before you start throwing money down the toilet or the drain, contact us for a free service or repair estimate.

If your shower is the great escape, a warm oasis after a long day on the job, anything that disrupts that peace is, well, evil. We agree. Broken, outdated water heaters are evil. You deserve a consistent water temperature when you finally have a few minutes to relax.

CL Plumbing of Holland can replace your water heater quickly and affordably. We sell a wide selection of quality water heaters that are installed by our team of water heater experts. Choose. Buy. Installed. Simple as that.

Take back your great escape. When the water temperature goes up, you can finally cool down. Contact us today for a free water heater sales and installation estimate.

Everyone in the family agreed the 70s shag carpet has to go. But what about the pink bathtub? Or the outdated sink? When you commit to a major remodeling project, fond memories can put a screeching halt to progress.

CL Plumbing of Holland has no emotional attachment to your precious vanities. First, we will efficiently remove the items holding you back from relevance in this decade. Then, we will transform the bones of your bathroom or kitchen remodel into a stunning modern marvel.

Whether it’s updating your tub, gutting your kitchen sink or replacing that rusted faucet, our state-certified plumbers will be trusted, no-drama partners in your remodeling project. Contact us today for a free remodeling estimate.

Watering the lawn manually, the good old- fashioned way, seems like a good idea on paper. But when life gets busy and the rain doesn’t come, finding the time to keep your lawn green isn’t easy.

Don’t be that guy. Or lady. Or neighbor.

CL Plumbing of Holland, the team with 45 years of combined plumbing experience, can simplify your life by constructing a sprinkling stub out. It’s basically the first step to installing the underground sprinkling system you want and need.

Stop being ashamed of your lawn’s color. Contact us today for a free sprinkling stub out estimate.